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It's Not About the Data



We all want to make the best decisions for our business.  We also know that studying data about our customers, our products, our sales and marketing efforts, and even our competitors is a great way to make informed decisions.  


But maybe you don't have the time or resources to invest in understanding your business from every different angle.  Maybe you don't have the skills on staff to dig into data and produce senior-level insight.  Or maybe you just want a fresh, unbiased perspective.


I can help you take advantage of the intelligence that's proprietary to your business, analyzing your data and operations to recommend thoughtful action. Data is arguably the most powerful tool in your business portfolio, but tools are only as good as the way in which they're used. Data is only a means to an end, and ultimately, what matters most is the decisions you make.

Once you make those well-informed decisions, I can help translate your strategy into an operational plan that sets up your organization for success.

If you'd welcome greater clarity and insights to guide your decision-making, let's talk.

Heights Consulting provides Business Intelligence services,

delivering strategic & operational insight using rigorous analysis

to help clients invest resources in their best growth opportunities


  • Strategic planning & prioritization workshops

  • Market forces analysis


  • Modeling, testing, iteration of strategic plan

  • Execution measurement


  • Business process improvement

  • Role clarity & optimization

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